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Extra Class Online promotes the learning of pupils in their own mother tongues, distance learning and self-directed learning.

Solution is 4IR

The Grand Plan

  • Standardized educational content free for all.

  • Build a parallel 4IR educational system in all 11 official languages.

  • Build by Parents, Teachers and Learners.

  • Owned by the parents.

  • Utilize 4IR to achieve such.

  • Only Parents, Teachers and Learners involvement in planning.

  • Starting with Grade 1.

Education History

Only for the rich
Only royal offspring and sons of the rich and professionals such as scribes, physicians, and temple administrators, were schooled.

Only for Boys
Most boys were taught their father's trade or were apprenticed to learn a trade. Girls stayed at home with their mothers to learn housekeeping and cooking, and to look after the younger children.

Only for Goverment...
By the end of the 17th century, Germany, which was the leader in the development of schooling, had laws in most of its states requiring that children attend school; but the Lutheran church, not the state, ran the schools.

Original Article Peter Gray Ph.D. is a research professor at Boston College.

Stop relying on a democratic Government for your children’s education.

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